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San Diego Residential Real Estate

Hello!  Thank you for checking out my blog.  My name is Alessandro and I am a real estate professional in the San Diego area.  Don’t worry, I won’t go on about how great I am…you can simply check out my resume on Linked-In or just ask any one of my past or current clients.

I love what I do and it shows.  From working with first time home buyers and sellers to savvy investors and homeowners with 20 years of equity in their home,  real estate is not only an exciting career but a great way of life.

One of the avenues I have been pursuing in my real estate endeavors is spreading the good word about Sustainable Real Estate and pushing the green home movement.  Not only are green/sustainable homes good for the environment but they also save homeowners lots of $ in utility bills + have better indoor air quality.  Many in the green home movement argue that a green/sustainable home is a better built home.  One of the challenges we are facing here in San Diego is a lack of green homes for sale.  Hopefully I can help change that by finding homeowners who have green/sustainable homes that they’d like to sell.  In the meantime, I am building future inventory by assisting current homeowners who want to green their home. One of the advancements in this industry niche is that finally appraisers are starting to assess higher values to green homes.  In some cases this is still a work in progress as quantifying a green feature and turning it’s benefits into value have been very challenging.

So whether your interests are in sustainable home ownership, looking for a real estate investment or simply finding a place to call home please feel free to contact me anytime at 760.402.4329.


Steele Realty    |    2041 Newcastle Ave, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Ca 92007    |    License # 01800218

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